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If you’re a fitness coach, then this article is for you.


In this article I’ll be breaking down exactly how I generated $15,000 in revenue in 30-days with my high-ticket sales funnel.


Firstly, let me give you the background on the business and offer.


Dream Fitness Client Academy trains fitness pros on how to predictably grow their business to 30K+ per month without having a ton of social media followers or sales experience. We do this through our Dream Fitness Client Academy “Gold” & “Silver” programs.


The goal for the funnel was to generate discovery enrollment calls with as many qualified leads as possible.


With that in mind, here’s what we did:

#1: The High Ticket Funnel

Here’s how our high-ticket funnel is structured:

  1. Landing Page: First page of your funnel where visitors can opt-in to download our lead magnet PDF. This is your FREEBIE that explains who you are, and how you can help your dream client reach their desired result.
  2. Application Page:  On this page we offer the visitor a free strategy session with us to help them to craft a plan to grow their business to their desired result. They are then prompted to fill out an application. Once they fill the form out and submit it, they’ll be brought to the next page.
  3. Scheduling Page: The visitor will then be taken to our booking page where they can choose a time/date to speak with us.
  4. Email Marketing: Depending on where a prospect is within our funnel stages, they’ll automatically be placed in a segmented email marketing sequence so we can nurture them (so even if they’re not ready at-the-moment to become a client, WHEN they’re ready to scale their business they’ll reach out to us first). The “know/like/trust” factor + credibility will also be established through these email sequences.

#2: Facebook Advertising

Using Facebook advertising to drive paid traffic to the funnel, we spent a little less than $20 per day. 


Our call-to-action was a free PDF blueprint for growing their fitness business through digital advertising.


The goal of the campaign was to generate leads (to nurture through email marketing so WHEN they’re ready, they turn to us), and qualified discovery enrollment call appointments.

We were targeting fitness-business owners through a 1% lookalike audience, with an audience size of around 1M. In order, to get this type of data it can take an incredibly LONG amount of time and be EXTREMELY expensive to do so.. if not done strategically. Some have spent years and hundreds of thousands to get in front of their dream client. Our proven custom audience email list building strategy will help you to get results within your 1st week!


From my experience, if you’re utilizing FB advertising to target B2B and B2C prospects, you almost always need to use a custom/lookalike audience to see consistent success with your campaign.


Using Facebook’s “Cold” interest targeting is a recipe for disaster in the B2B and B2C space.


During the discovery call with the prospect, we made them an offer depending on their specific needs and only if we felt we could deliver results for them.

3. End Result

I generated 771 leads at a cost per lead of around $1.87. I only spent 1,438.57$ the first month and made 15,000$.

  • The landing page converted cold traffic at 49%
  • The application page converted at 38%
  • Around 48% of applicants booked an official discovery call through our booking page.


That was a great result without much testing/optimization. This screenshot tells the story quite accurately:

Of the prospects that my team & I spoke with, 5 sales were made across the two programs, coming to a total of $15,000.


This produced an ROI of 2,400% – which is a great end result!


We will continue to scale this campaign, conduct more optimization and discovery calls in the weeks and months to come, to improve the ROI.

 — — 

So there you have it..


Inside my high-ticket funnel that’s on track to bring in $15k+ each month moving forward.


Now… I didn’t have this system when I first started my business. 


I was struggling to break a few thousand dollars per month, over-working myself and seeing minimal results. 


I tried many things including: 

  1. Posting on social media daily to get minimal engagement and DMs. When I did get responses they weren’t really interested..
  2. Reaching out manually on social media to hundreds of people daily.. got ignored or ghosted
  3. Cold calling and got cursed out..


It took me YEARS to figure out & perfect this process…


If you’re looking to implement this system into your fitness-business and need guidance with the specifics of setting up this high ticket client attraction funnel, high converting paid traffic campaigns, what software to use, the 7-figure enrollment script, crafting your offer, and defining your dream client, etc...


Click the link below to schedule a discovery call with me to see if it’s a good fit:


I help fitness professionals grow their revenue to 30K+ per month while working 50% less.

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