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Turns out, I was the fool and when I realized it… everything changed. The market for selling information is growing tremendously. But the REAL money isn’t in the information itself. It’s in providing direction and personal support. In other words, that means coaching. The people that get in on the wave now will likely make millions over the next 3 years.


By the end of this article, you’ll have all the information you need to get off the sidelines. You’ll be able to step up and ride that wave toward your own $30,000/month fitness coaching business and I’ll even show you how you can do it in the next 90 days. Now everything I share with you is based on real results, not theory.


It’s exactly how I grew my own business from just $0 to $15K in 30 days.

"You're only ONE sales funnel away from being RICH". - Russell Brunson

Once I figured that out, the shift in our bottom line was dramatic. Keep reading, because I’m going to explain exactly what we changed during those 6 months. And I’ll show you how YOU can package and profit from your skills with what I call our 7-figure client attraction funnel. 



In order to charge premium, you have to position yourself as an authority, expert, and credible leader in your industry. You will do so by specializing in solving one massive problem for one audience with one simple offer.


Most people get this wrong right from the start. Let me help you avoid a few (financially) deadly mistakes. To get started, think about what you know how to do really, really, well. What valuable skills or knowledge do YOU have that solves a massive painful problem for someone else? Have other people asked you how to do something you know how to do? Are you amazing at sales and you can help other salespeople succeed? How do you currently make money? Is it in a way that other people would love to learn? Do you run a successful videography business, and you could teach other videographers to do the same? Ideally, you want to find a market that would pay you between $2,000 — $10,000 to learn what you know. The bigger the problem, the more you can charge. For example, a brain surgeon can charge $30,000 to remove a brain tumor no matter how long it takes, while a general practitioner can only charge a few hundred dollars per hours as he or she doesn’t solve a problem at that magnitude. 


If you have a valuable skill, you’re ahead of 99% of the people reading this. Now you just need to package your knowledge into a product. But here’s where most people make their next big mistake. They focus more time on building the course instead of actually helping the customer.


Even if you don’t have a valuable skill, the biggest priority still needs to be your ability to solve one massive problem for one audience. Once you understand what the problem is and can articulate your solution around it, you can learn how to build that valuable skill later.


To predictably generate sales, you'll need to build a systemized framework that converts your intellectual property into a simple step-by-step process that shows your ideal client how you will help them go from their current state to their desired state.

For example, you’re reading our proven battle-tested D.F.C.A framework that shows fitness professionals how to grow their revenue to 30K+ per month. This framework is built to provide you with a simple method and process to get you from your current state to your desired state in the most simplistic way as possible. In addition, the goal is for your dream client to see you as an expert, authority and credible leader within your industry. 


Your dream client’s buying decision is based on three factors: 

1) Do they believe in themselves?

2) Do they believe in you?

3) Do they believe in your process to get them to their desired result?


This is why your proven framework and free content will help you built the trust + know+ like factors.


You need to build a client attraction system that generates leads and enrollment calls predictably. In the Dream Fitness Client Academy, we will give you our 4-page client attraction funnel, ad campaigns, value driven content templates, and high-converting email sequences to help you qualify and book enrollment calls. 


I’m amazed at how many business owners have no systemized plan for getting new customers. They produce content, go to networking events, use social media, and PRAY that someone will bite. This needs to change. There’s no reason every business can’t have a predictable system in place to generate high quality leads.


Inside the Only Funnel You Need

Here’s a map of the funnel we’ve used for the past few months and the stats we’ve collected so far. We built this entire funnel out in about 2 hours using KARTRA. When you think about it, that’s really freaking quick for something that is so incredibly effective.

As you can see, we drive cold Facebook traffic to a landing page, where we promise to give a FREE eBook and a 10-minute video training in exchange for their name and email address. Right now, 49% of people enter their email and move forward to the next step.


We’ve found the 10-Minute Free Training to work incredibly well, as it tells people who we are, how we can help them, and delivers free value in advance. This is another way we build the know + like + trust factors.


Our goal in the video is to 1) provide tons of value and 2) solve just enough of their problem that they see that we can help. At the end of the video, we invite those who want a little extra help to schedule a call to see if working together would be a good fit. 


Right now, 30% of those folks will fill out an application to talk and 23% of them will schedule a FREE strategy call. 


We don’t have to coordinate any schedules. The prospect looks at the times that are available and books the call based on their own schedule and every morning, my team and I simply wake up and look at what’s on our calendar for the day. Most days we have between 4–8 candidates who have applied to work with us. They’ve taken action on their own to schedule a call and best of all, because of the 10-minute free training, they’re primed to buy.


We can scale up or scale down our appointments based on our schedule. When we’re looking to bring on more clients, we run more ads. If we need to slow down a bit, it’s easy to scale back. How fast you can scale largely depends on improving your conversation rate first.


When most of our clients start, they often don’t have ANYTHING. No emails. No following. Nothing. So, we start from scratch and run cold Facebook/Instagram traffic into their sales funnel. Within one week, our clients typically close their first high-ticket coaching client for a whopping $2,000-$10,000. Most are ecstatic. Not just because they made a high-ticket sale. But because 1) they still have another 10+ calls lined up for the rest of the week, 2) the leads and new client all came from their new funnel and 3) now they have the tools to predictably scale their business to $30,000 per month very quickly.


In order to scale to 6/7 figures, you'll need to leverage a proven enrollment and "objection handling" script that converts leads into high ticket clients (without being salesy) that pay you 2-10K+ for your coaching services.


Here’s an example of the KPI’s you'd need to hit to generate $40,000 in monthly deal revenue (These numbers are very conservative even if you’re just starting to invest into paid traffic):

  • $1500 In Paid Traffic Per Month (Ideal amount, but you can still get solid results with less ad spend per month.)
  • 300 Leads (CPL= $5)
  • 50 Applications ($30 Per Application)
  • 7 New Clients (Less than a 15% close rate of applicants)
  • $6000 Average Lifetime Value Per Client (This depends on your offer, for this example assuming a $1,500/Month X 4 Month Contract).
  • $6000 X 7 New Clients = $42,000 In New Deal Revenue


$1500 In Paid Traffic = $42,000 In Gross Deal Revenue That’s an awesome ROI :)

Imagine if you hit these KPI's every month for 6 months? Even if we cut your average lifetime value per client IN HALF, these numbers still make a ton of sense ROI-wise.


  • $1500 In Paid Traffic Per Month (Ideal amount, but you can still get solid results with less ad spend per month.)
  • 300 Leads (CPL= $5)
  • 50 Applications ($30 Per Application)
  • 7 New Clients (Less than a 15% close rate of applicants) $3000 Average Lifetime Value Per Client
  • $3000 X 7 New Clients = $21,000 In New Deal Revenue


$1500 In Paid Traffic = $21,000 In Gross Deal Revenue


I'm sure anybody reading this will agree, that type of predictable ROI would do wonders for the financial health of your business.


Click the button below to schedule a FREE 1-on-1 discovery call to learn more about how we can help you predictably grow your revenue to 30K+ per month, without needing a big social media following or high-ticket sales experience.


I help fitness professionals grow their revenue to 30K+ per month while working 50% less.

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