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Generally, high ticket means nothing less than $2000 for a 12 week online coaching program.


Well everyone’s program is different but here’s what our fitness coaches do for their program:
– A mindset mastery plan

– A customized workout plan
– A diet plan (based on macronutrient breakdown, not a meal plan)
– And weekly transformational coaching (over the phone or Zoom)


BONUS: A weekly module where you walk them through the principles and values you think are most important in creating and sustaining an ideal body.

(These modules are first done live and recorded, then it’s put on a membership site. Our trainers use Kartra. Click here to claim your FREE 14-day trial.)


Hint: this is where you start to create leverage, doing simple things like this.

As far as pricing, Some people say $3k at a minimum is high ticket, but I say $2k can be a decent starting place if you’re going online.


I encourage our students to not offer any more than 2 payment options, paid in full or over 2 payments. It keeps the commitment HIGH up front for the client so they can be FULLY INVESTED in your process up front. I find when I was doing longer term payment plans, I would get more people who weren’t serious. Also, the more options you give someone, the harder the decision becomes for them.


Mindset of High Ticket Offerings: The sales process, the price, and the expectations for new clients should all BRING OUT THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF COMMITMENT from your client, because that’s how they become the best possible version of themselves.

And while $2k is a minimum, it’s certainly not the most you should charge. Many of my clients offer $3k, $5k, or even $7k for 12 week fitness coaching programs. Many are selling $5k fitness coaching programs and are selling a whole bunch. There’s tons of clients ready to pay that, as they are looking for someone who can get them to their desired TRANSFORMATION/RESULT.


The right person is happy to highly invest, because at a lower price many people know they won’t be committed. The more people pay, the more they pay attention. If people aren’t willing to pay the price, that often speaks to a lower level of commitment. What people want, they pay more for.

I find pretty much any person who has their car break down and they need to come up with $2k or else they can’t drive, will find the money however they need to.

And the same goes for someone who wants to transform their life and has tried the free workout programs and fitness challenges (and it hasn’t created the long term results they craved), they want something more, and they’ll find a way to make it happen if they’re serious.


With high ticket offerings, you’re able to get to six figure earning very quickly and guess what else is great about this?

You don’t need a hundred of clients monthly.

All you need is 5 clients paying you $2k and you’re there. You’re making $10k a month, which is $120k per year.

Can you take care of your family making that much? ABSOLUTELY.

Can you quit your job? HECK YEAH.

And it gets better.


If you have 100 friends, there are 5 people (5% of the total!) who will happily pay you what you ask. I’m confident. I’ve seen it again and again. And again.

All you need is the right offer, the right content which attracts these ideal clients based on their needs, and a proven sales process. They’ll buy.

So for the hundreds of people who have asked me how to price your high ticket fitness coaching program, there you go!


#teambiggainz  :)


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